Renewing the Combined Incentive Program for Curate!

The Curate incentive program has been renewed for the rest of the year. Join up, secure the trustless backbone of the new internet and get rewarded in the process!

Renewing the Combined Incentive Program for Curate!

Attention Kleros Curate submitters!

Last month, we announced the revamped Combined Incentive Program for contributors to the three security metadata registries. This post is an announcement renewing the incentives program for the rest of the year!

In case you’re new around here, welcome, and here is some context!

The three security metadata registries are

  • Tokens Registry: the community-curated list of whitelisted and safe tokens that users could interact with confidently, minimizing the risk of malicious or insecure tokens.
  • Address Tags Registry (a.k.a. ATR): this registry enables users to identify the trustworthiness of addresses, mitigating the potential risks associated with interacting with unknown or suspicious addresses.
  • Contract Domain Name Registry (a.k.a. the CDN Registry): this registry serves a critical role in preventing front-end DNS attacks. It facilitates the mapping of contracts to the domains they are known to be associated with, ensuring users are interacting with the correct contract associated with a particular domain.

The above registries combine to form an important source of community curated security metadata where consumers of this data can secure their users’ dapp interaction by providing insights on each interaction.

The backbone, i.e., these registries, power essential tools like the Kleros Scout, a MetaMask Snap which gives users contract insights to secure dApp interactions.

Read more about it here!

Reward pool

The reward pool consists of 300,000 PNK (~$4800 at current prices) for submitters. Here is how the reward pool is allocated to the three registries across different chains.

  • Tokens (100,000 PNK)
  • ATR Registry (100,000 PNK)
  • CDN Registry (100,000 PNK)

For each registry the reward pool will be equally split (25,000 PNK per registry per chain) between the following 4 chains:

  • Mainnet
  • Polygon
  • BSC
  • Gnosis

Rewards calculation:

The reward pool was created to incentivise two actions:

  • Efforts/submissions towards more widely-used addresses
  • Increased number of submissions

Hence, part of the distribution will be weighted according to the total gas fees used historically by each of the tagged contract addresses (e.g. visible under ‘TxnFees’ in the analytics tab of an address’s Etherscan page), while the other part will be a static reward based on the total number of submissions.

The calculation of rewards will look like this:

reward per submission = (1/2*(reward_pool/total_submission )) + (1/2*(gas_weight*total_gas_weight))

In some chain explorers where the 'TxnFees' isn't explicitly available, we will take the closest approximation, using 'TxnCount' and 'gasUsed per contract'. We will announce the exact formula for every chain at the earliest, but be rest assured that the underlying principle remains the same - part of the reward is based on the number of submissions and the other part is based on the usage of the contract that is submitted.

Distribution will be handled directly by the Kleros Cooperative, similar to the previous round of CDN Registry incentives and the first combined incentives program. Distribution will occur after the end of every month. There is no cap on the number of qualifying submissions that each address can make.

Don't delay – start contributing to the registry today!

Feel free to leave feedback and good luck hunting for new tags.

Update: 6-11-2023

We received feedback from the community regarding the unfair rewarding of entries that are just "editing" a field for an existing address. By removing it and resubmitting it (usually, to clarify something about it, or add important information), the submitter becomes eligible for a full reward. This is especially problematic if the contract is a big gas spender, as the submitter will be eligible for a big share of the rewards for the period. This risks disincentivizing users from uploading new addresses for that month, since new addresses tend to be little gas spenders.

To minimize this risk (starting from November onwards), submitting entries from addresses that were removed either in the same month or in the previous month, will only award up to the average reward per submitted contract within the period it became included. This ensures there are still incentives to resubmit entries with the updated data, while making it still worthwhile for submitters of new entries to participate.
Update: 28-11-2023

To ensure that the submissions rewards are going towards entries that add the most value to our partners and their users, we will be excluding new CDN entries involving contracts that are already tagged in the Tokens registry from the incentive program.

This will take effect from the 1st of December 2023 (UTC time). Entries submitted before the 1st of December 2023 will be rewarded according to the scheme described above.

Help us build a safer dapp browsing experience for the Web3 community at large while earning rewards for doing so.