Incentives Program for Security Registries Revamped!

Earn rewards through our Combined Incentive Program and help secure community dapp browsing! Make submissions and help others use Web3 more safely.

Incentives Program for Security Registries Revamped!

Attention Kleros Curate submitters!

Welcome to the new and revamped Combined Incentive Program for contributors to the three security metadata registries!

What are these three registries, I hear you ask?

  • Tokens Registry: the community-curated list of whitelisted and safe tokens that users could interact with confidently, minimizing the risk of malicious or insecure tokens.
  • Address Tags Registry (a.k.a. ATR): this registry enables users to identify the trustworthiness of addresses, mitigating the potential risks associated with interacting with unknown or suspicious addresses.
  • Contract Domain Name Registry (a.k.a. the CDN Registry): this registry serves a critical role in preventing front-end DNS attacks. It facilitates the mapping of contracts to the domains they are known to be associated with, ensuring users are interacting with the correct contract associated with a particular domain.

The above registries combine to form an important source of community curated security metadata where consumers of this data can secure their users’ dapp interaction by providing insights on each interaction.

Exciting integrations with consumers such as Metamask Snaps, Ledger, Etherscan, MyEtherWallet and many others are coming your way, so take this opportunity to join us in powering a more secure dapp browsing experience and get rewarded through this incentive program!
New to Curate? Welcome!
Here are step-by-step guides for submitting to each of the 3 registries.
Now I can imagine the possibilities.

Pointers around making submissions

The three registries in question have been migrated to the Gnosis Chain for cost efficiency and lower deposits. This will hopefully encourage more submissions and represents a critical step towards increasing the usability of Curate as a product and scaling the registries built with it.

You can read more about all the reasons for the migration and differences between v1 and v2 registries here. If you are a regular Curate submitter, please go through this as there are few changes made to the submissions interface to accommodate for EVM compatible multi-chain data.

Let’s move to the specifics of the incentives program!

Reward pool

The reward pool consists of 300,000 PNK (~$6200 at current prices) for submitters. Here is how the reward pool is allocated to the three registries across different chains.

  • Tokens (100,000 PNK)
  • ATR Registry (100,000 PNK)
  • CDN Registry (100,000 PNK)

For each registry the reward pool will be equally split (25,000 PNK per registry per chain) between the following 4 chains:

  • Mainnet
  • Polygon
  • BSC
  • Gnosis

Rewards calculation:

The reward pool was created to incentivise two actions:

  • Efforts/submissions towards more widely-used addresses
  • Increased number of submissions

Hence, part of the distribution will be weighted according to the total gas fees used historically by each of the tagged contract addresses (e.g. visible under ‘TxnFees’ in the analytics tab of an address’s Etherscan page), while the other part will be a static reward based on the total number of submissions.

The calculation of rewards will look like this:

reward per submission = (1/2*(reward_pool/total_submission )) + (1/2*(gas_weight*total_gas_weight))

Distribution will be handled directly by the Kleros Cooperative, similar to our address tags incentives and the previous round of CDN Registry incentives. Distribution will occur once the campaign concludes. There is no cap on the number of qualifying submissions that each address can make.

We will pilot this rewards program for the month of September and renew it for the subsequent months after listening to feedback from the community. So make your submissions and let us know what you think in our offical Telegram group.
Also, since this rewards program encompasses the ATR, Tokens and CDN registries, any rewards program for the above specific registries will be substituted by this one, unless explicitly mentioned in upcoming announcements.

Don't delay – start contributing to the registry today!

Help us build a safer dapp browsing experience for the Web3 community at large while earning rewards for doing so.

All set? Let's make Web3 safer - for all.