Trustless Backbone for the Future of the Internet - The Kleros Scout Snap

Introducing the Kleros Scout, a part of the first batch of Metamask Snaps, approved by Metamask, giving you unprecedented access to community curated smart contract insights.

Trustless Backbone for the Future of the Internet - The Kleros Scout Snap

Install Kleros Scout here.

Today marks a significant date for the entire Web3 ecosystem with the launch of Metamask Snaps. The Consensys team has been hard at work in the recent past, expanding the functionalities of their flagship wallet by implementing a plugin system in order to encapsulate all the elements desired by the crypto community in one place.

So what are Snaps? Imagine an Apple Store (or a Google Play Store if that's more your style), but for Metamask - a simple way to boost different facets of a user's wallet experience in a trustless manner, without compromising the integral security of the wallet itself. Imagine additional security, added identity verification and generally the ability to customize your Web3 experience at your liking.

With that said, Kleros is proud to announce the official launch of our own Snap, called Kleros Scout. Scout is part of the initial batch of Snaps approved by Metamask which, once installed, offers users unprecedented access to community curated smart contract insights.

Join us in exploring the functionalities made available by Kleros.

Introducing the Kleros Scout

In the past month, you might have noticed that we relaunched our incentive program for the three metaregistries curated by our community. We can now finally tell you that the revamping of these three registries was done exactly for the reason of powering the trustless back end of Kleros Scout.

Kleros Curate - Creating a Trustless Backbone for the Future of the Internet

What does this mean in practice?

The three Kleros Curate registries can be encapsulated as such:

  • Tokens Registry: the community-curated list of whitelisted and safe tokens that users could interact with confidently, minimizing the risk of malicious or insecure tokens.
  • Address Tags Registry (a.k.a. ATR): this registry enables users to identify the trustworthiness of addresses, mitigating the potential risks associated with interacting with unknown or suspicious addresses.
  • Contract Domain Name Registry (a.k.a. the CDN Registry): this registry serves a critical role in preventing front-end DNS attacks. It facilitates the mapping of contracts to the domains they are known to be associated with, ensuring users are interacting with the correct contract associated with a particular domain.
How the Kleros Scout Snap looks in action, as seen on Metamask Flask

Vetted submissions to the Kleros Curate registry are immediately set up on the Kleros Scout add-on on Metamask Snaps, allowing users to discover which tokens are safe, which addresses might be suspicious and which contracts are related to which domain addresses.

The great thing about this is that you can be rewarded for every valid submission to the Curate registries, while helping bolster the first truly decentralized contract insight implementation on this novel platform.

Helping others in the ecosystem while at the same time having proper incentives to do so.

Sounds good?

You can install Kleros Scout via this link - join us in enriching our database of metaregistries by participating in our incentive program here.

See you on Metamask Snaps!