Kleros Storytelling Reward Program

With our upcoming sale just around the corner, the Kleros team decided to assign 1.000.000 PNK to help spread the word of Kleros. See how you can get involved!

Kleros Storytelling Reward Program
With our upcoming sale just around the corner, the Kleros team decided to assign 1.000.000 PNK to help spread the word of Kleros.

Did you know that the icosahedron is the most complex of all so-called Platonic solids, representing water, that inescapable force, as envisaged by Thaetetus during the renaissance of the Athenian democracy?

The Kleros icosahedron on a beach in Uruguay.

How about the fact that the upcoming Kleros GTCR will allow anyone to create their own verified list of almost anything? From registries of trusted news sources, torrent links, eco friendly companies, corrupt officials and a plethora of other uses, just this platform will enable communities to validate registries in a completely decentralized manner.

The Importance of Stories

Why is this important? Because so much has been built, so much is still to come and the songs of Kleros will yet to be sung.

Justice memes for the good of humankind.

This is why we decided to empower our community with a reward program which should let the stories weave and spread across the web.

1.000.000 PNK is nothing to sniff at and the funds will be disbursed to all those who wish to participate and share their tale.

Even Kleros explainers can be a part of your contribution!

The Rules

In order to know better what could be rewarded, you should know this.

Timeline of the reward program

10/12/2019 - 11/02/2020

Shapes of stories

  • Write a blog post about your juror experience.
  • Tweet about your favorite Kleros things.
  • Create a viral thread on social media.
  • Create videos about Kleros.
  • Make and spread Kleros memes.
  • Take a photo with the Kleros icosahedron next to the most important monument in your city.
  • Draw a caricature of the courtroom of the future.
  • Paint a picture of the Kleros icosahedron (or draw a graffiti in areas dedicated to it).
  • Write a song about the coming of the future of justice.
  • Write a short story of the Kleros vision of justice.
  • Weave your own tale.
Nothing is stopping you from creating a Kleros-based modern art masterpiece.

Forbidden behavior

  • Don't be a spammer.
  • Don't be a scammer.

How will you be rewarded?

Rewards will be distributed by a committee of at least two members of the Kleros cooperative, who will reward impact points to contributions. PNK will be divided among participants in proportion to their impact points. In case a participant disagrees with his share of the reward, Kleros Escrow will be used to settle the dispute.

Half of the rewards will be distributed on 20/01/2020 for contributions made during the period between 10/12/2019 and 10/01/2020.

The second half of the rewards will be distributed on 20/02/2020 for contributions made during the period between 11/01/2019 and 11/02/2020.

Where should you make the drop?

Made your mark and your story told?

Feel free to contact Damjan, our Communications Manager directly on Telegram to let us know at least a week before the distribution date.

Feel free to discuss with other storytellers on the #storytellers channel in the Kleros Slack.


Kleros represents a vision of the future based around the saga of a democratic system where each citizen can have a voice, where justice is not controlled by a powerful few.

It is this vision that is the driving force behind everything we do and we would be proud to see and hear how YOU see this vision become reality.

It can be something simple, like a photo or an image, a video or an intervention in the physical reality, but it can also be something as expansive as a grand story of over 9000 pages, everything goes!

Join us, create and get rewarded for it!

Where Can I Find Out More?

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