Kleros Curate: Take Back Control of Information

Kleros is proud to announce the launch of Curate, a platform where anyone can create a token registry and put information in the hands of the community.

Kleros Curate: Take Back Control of Information
Kleros Curate is a platform where anyone can follow a step by step process to create a token curated registry and put information in the hands of the community...

In the digital age, whoever controls the information has the power. Big internet companies, through their internal curation services, decide which pieces of content users will see… and which they won't.

These decisions are typically made through proprietary algorithms and in-house content moderation teams.

This, in turn, creates a paradoxical situation - it is the users who generate and consume the content in platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but they don't control the process through which information is organized and listed. It is buyers and sellers who give life to an e-commerce site like eBay, but they don't control the decision making process for accepting and rejecting item listings in the platform.

In the next generation of the internet, users will control information, and this will require a fair, transparent and community driven way to decide what is acceptable and what is not.

Transparent, open source content moderation is one of the key use cases of Kleros Curate.

A Token Curated List of Tokens

In March 2019, we launched the Kleros Token Token Curated List (T2CR, a curated list of tokens… by tokens).

In this early experience of community curation, any user could submit a token he wanted to be accepted into a whitelist. Other users could challenge submissions they thought didn't comply with a number guidelines regarding logo quality and smart contract address.

If a dispute happened between a submitter and a challenger on whether a token complied with the guidelines, it was solved by a Kleros jury. Tokens complying with some specific criteria were eligible for the community vote to be listed in Ethfinex and Bitfinex exchanges.

The T2CR Dashboard.

The T2CR proved to be extraordinarily effective in curating a list of tokens in a decentralized way. A list where rules and enforcement were open and clear to everyone. A list to which anyone could contribute.

The list created with the T2CR contains 403 separate token listings and counting.

But why stop there? Why not use this proven technology to enable more communities to curate lists for many things? And how to democratize the use of this technology?

Enter Kleros Curate.

Kleros Curate, Token Registry as a Service

Kleros Curate is a Dapp you can use to create a token registry of just about anything using Kleros curation technology.

You just have to follow a step by step process where you will be able to define the name of your list, the items that should be accepted and a number of guidelines that community members should follow in the curation process. Curate also offers many advanced options which give users free reign on how to design their lists.

Once your list is up, people will be able to submit items and other users will be able to challenge them.

Using the List Browser option, you can also see lists created by other people and contribute to them by sending new items or by challenging items submitted by others.

Some Kleros Curate key use cases.

As an example of the power of this technology, with the launch of Kleros Curate, we're also launching the second edition of our Storytelling reward program, which rewards users for submitting pieces of content about Kleros. All secured by a fair community vetting process.

In the digital age, whoever controls the information has the power. With Kleros Curate, this power is in your hands.

Kleros' developer Matt presenting an early version of Curate at the ETHCC conference in Paris. March 2020.

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