The Dispute Revolution Conference: Decentralized Justice Takes Over Paris

Kleros announces the Dispute Revolution conference to take place on March 2nd at Saint Barbe Amphitheatre at Sorbonne III.

The Dispute Revolution Conference: Decentralized Justice Takes Over Paris
On March 2nd, Coopérative Kleros and the Paris Center for Law and Economics (CRED) will convene the "Dispute Revolution: the Birth of Decentralized Justice" conference at the Saint Barbe Amphiteatre at Paris III New Sorbonne University.

After the stellar success of the world’s first conference on decentralized justice that took place in Leicester on January 31st, we are thrilled to invite you to the conference titled "Dispute Revolution: the Birth of Decentralized Justice", co-hosted with the Paris Center for Law and Economics (CRED) of Paris II Panthéon-Assas University. The event will take place at the beautiful amphitheater at Sainte Barbe Library, at 4 rue Valette, Paris.

The nascent field of decentralized justice has been proven to draw experts from different fields and now needs a space of its own to discuss these novel ideas deriving from the exploration of the legal sphere in a distributed way.

This conference will cover all the aspects of decentralized justice.

The first part of the conference, which will take place in the afternoon, will address the technical aspects, including blockchain, cryptoeconomics and legal design.

The second part of the event, which will take place in the evening, will gather legal and social experts who will discuss the implications of Kleros, as well as decentralized justice and blockchain governance as a whole.


13:30hs. Welcoming Words and Introduction to Decentralized Justice.

Dr. Federico Ast (Kleros) and Prof. Bruno Deffains (CRED, Paris II)

14:00hs. Blockchains and Networks Structures: Applications, Implications and Beyond.

Lisa Morhaim (CRED, Paris II)

14:30hs. Introduction to Kleros Cryptoeconomics.

Clément Lesaege (Kleros)

15:00hs. Research Challenges in the Field of Decentralized Justice.

Dr. William George (Kleros)

15:30hs. Introduction to the Kleros Fellowship of Justice Program.

Dr. Federico Ast (Kleros) and Dr. William George (Kleros)

15:45hs. Challenges in Legal Design, a Research Project in Kleros Fellowship of Justice.

Tian Zhao (Kleros Fellowship of Justice alumni)

16:00hs. Building a Kleros Integration.

Sam Vitello (Kleros)

16:15hs. Integrating Kleros for Curating Information in the Travel Industry: a Case Study

Jakub Vysoky (Winding Tree)

17:00hs. Decentralized Justice and the Traditional Legal World.

William O'Rorke (ORWL avocats)

17:30hs. Is Decentralized Justice Fair?

Sophie Nappert (International arbitrator)

17:45hs. Blockchain and the Governance of Land Property Rights.

Philémon Poux (CRED, Paris II)

18:15hs. Introducing Kleros Layer 2: Bringing Decentralized Justice into the Mainstream World.

Dr. Federico Ast (Kleros)

18:30hs. "Make a Claim", a Kleros Layer 2 Company.

Kézia Varde, Alix de Saint Germain, Françoise Tran.

18:45hs. Presentation of the Revised Version of Kleros' Book "Dispute Revolution".

Dr. Federico Ast (Kleros) and Damjan Malbasic (Kleros)

19:00hs. Discussion Panel on Decentralized Justice and the Challenges of Civic Innovation.

Moderators: Dr. Federico Ast (Kleros), Prof. Bruno Deffains (CRED, Paris II)

Participants:  Clément Lesaege (Kleros), Nicholas Gouverneur (researcher on decentralized technologies), Virgile Deville (Democracy Earth Foundation).

20:15hs. Closing Cocktail at the Centre de Recherche en Economie et Droit (CRED) of Paris II Panthéon-Assas University.

The closing cocktail of the conference will take place at 19-21 Rue Valette, 75005, Paris.

The time for a large disruption in the legal space is upon us. The coming of decentralized justice opens a completely new space for the exploration of access to justice and creating a more fair world for all.

This conference marks the beginning in this noble fight and we warmly invite you to join us if you are in Paris on March 2nd.

Join us and help bring about the Dispute Revolution!

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