Tokens Reward Program - Securing Uniswap with Decentralized Lists

To celebrate Kleros as the only decentralized Token List on Uniswap, we have began a new reward program. Read on to find out more...

Tokens Reward Program - Securing Uniswap with Decentralized Lists

As the Kleros Token Curated Registry nears 500 submissions, we are excited to announce its use on Uniswap's lists. Kleros has a fully decentralized list curation mechanism allowing for the simple addition of tokens with ticker, logo, and respective contract address to be vetted by the overall community.

This gives users a basic level of security when interacting with Uniswap tokens and helps to root out the malicious copycat scam attempts we've seen in the current DeFi hype phase.

These submissions, once registered, are then able to have a number of attached badges which specify far more detailed information about the project.

For example, the ERC20 badge, when accepted, gives users peace of mind that the token conforms to a proper ERC20 standard. This can help to avoid failed transfers or lost funds from improper development practices.

Rewards Program

We will open a new rewards program for those adding tokens to the list, successfully removing tokens and submission of ERC20 badges. Those will be distributed at the beginning of each month, starting in October and running until further notice.

EDIT: As of 11th December 2020, if there are more than 100 submissions, the rewards will be paid proportionally to all successful submission / removal requests.

For example: If there are 150 submissions in the given month, this would equal 100000PNK / 150 = 666PNK per submission.  

If there are 100 submissions or below, the following rules apply.

  • 1000 PNK for tokens successfully submitted or removed, up to 100 per month.
  • 3000 PNK for ERC20 badges of ERC20 tokens with at least 100k$ of liquidity on Uniswap (at the end of the month), up to 100 per month.
  • Rewards will be paid out the following month based on acceptance time to the list.

How Do I Submit a Token?

First you want to head over to

First click on the 'Submit Token' button in the top right hand corner to be greeted with a pop up window as shown below.

Fill in the required info as stated above. Double check the logo is a transparent PNG and hit 'submit' paying the token listing deposit. 

Upon submission, your listing should look something like the token below.

The submission is not yet accepted to the Token Curated List. 

Upon clicking on your submission you will see the info displayed below including the challenge period. This is the time allotted for other users to challenge the listing in the case of incorrect data or logo format.

Click on your submission to see the current status.

Once this challenge deadline has passed, the token status will change to 'Registered' as shown below. Remember, users can also challenge the submission, which will then send it to trial to be arbitrated on by Kleros jurors.

They will make the final decision based on any evidence given if the token should be listed or not.

A registered token on the TCR. This means it's now possible to request an Ethfinex badge. 

Once a token is successfully listed, the status will change to 'Registered' as seen above.

How to Add ERC20 Badges

Head on over to and you'll be presented with a list of submitted tokens in various states. Some will be pending, others challenged and most accepted.

Click on the token to which you want to add the ERC20 badge and select the radio button for the ERC20. Click 'Listing Criteria' to read it before submitting.

NOTE: Only 'Registered' tokens are able to attain badges. To learn how to register your token in the T2CR, read this tutorial.

Choose the token and click 'Add Badge'. Be sure to read the listing criteria clearly. 

Be sure to read the listing criteria carefully before proceeding. You can see them in full below.

Take your time and read the criteria carefully. You don't want to have your badge rejected by the community, right?

When you're 101% sure the token complies with the ERC20 standard click 'Add Badge' and pay the 14.04 ETH deposit.

MetaMask will pop up asking you to confirm the transaction. Double check all the info and click 'Confirm'.

Once you've confirmed the TX, the badge will be set to a 'pending' state in which any user can check to see if it meets the policy requirements.

If the badge submission is accepted, the badge will then be added to the list at the end of the pending period and the submitters ETH returned.

If, on the other hand, it is challenged, the case would then go to Kleros court for our jurors to decide on.

How to Select the Kleros Token List.

Setting up Kleros as your Uniswap lists tool is extremely simple. When first landing on Uniswap you'll be prompted to select a list.

Select 'Kleros T2CR' and you're good. 

Select Kleros as seen above and that's it! Now, you are using a fully decentralized solution to help secure your token interactions on Uniswap.

You can browse the list via our Dapp or alternatively, use Uniswaps own frontend to check out the newest updates there.

Kleros is committed to securing the DeFi ecosystem and building a decentralized compliance layer, to read more about that, check this article.

When our Tokens Dapp is updated, the list on Uniswap will automatically notify of new listings.

Check it out here.

Where Can I Find Out More?

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