Decentralizing Exchange Listings: What Have We Learned So Far?

We recently went into full mainnet Dapp production with 'Tokens on Trial' A decentralized exchange listing in partnership with Ethfinex

Decentralizing Exchange Listings: What Have We Learned So Far?

Decentralized justice lives on mainnet and it's working.

Kleros recently partnered with Ethfinex exchange in an attempt to create a fully decentralized exchange listing platform.

Ideally, this will fill two functions:

1 - Handing back firmer control to the community

2 - creating a reputable and trustworthy list of legitimate token projects using a cryptoeconomically backed system.  

A TCR of such calibre is beneficial to the whole community and other projects who want to verify the information or legitimacy of a project. Users should be able to visit this list and view a one-stop-shop of projects including correct logo, name, ticker and contract address. We hope as it grows, it will become the go-to Dapp for verifying certain project information.

As it stands, the list has been working as expected and we're actively developing upon all user feedback regarding UI /UX and general usability.

Submissions on the TCR and PNK in The Courts

The list is steadily growing with 52 token submissions and 20 Ethfinex badge requests going into the first voting round. (Only tokens with Ethfinex badges are eligible for the Nectar ran community listing vote).

Token Curated Registry and Ethfinex Badge Submissions. With Metamask enabled, check it out here. 

There are currently more than 10 Million PNK (around $60k worth) staked in the Kleros Court with some 40 jurors arbitrating on cases. The Athena Court is where disputes passed from our Token Curated Registry (or any other Dapp for that matter) go to be resolved by Kleros jurors. At the moment, we have a small number of courts with two specifically focused on token challenges and challenges to Ethfinex badges.

The Athena Court. Check it out for yourself at

There have been a number of token challenges ranging from incorrectly named tokens (DaoStack was challenged on the basis it's actually called DAOStack to a 0x challenged on incorrect logo listing. Both were eventually registered on the list).

The first DAOStack listing was rejected due to incorrect naming. The TCR is tailored to be as precise as possible. 

The All-Important Ethfinex Badge

There have been 20 Badge submissions depositing a total of 500 ETH (which is refundable if compliant with the list) and so far, five challenges. Projects that successfully attain the Ethfinex Badge are eligible to go forward to the Nectar public voting process held at the end of each cycle.

The first such vote has been held with the token projects that attained registered badges.

A list of the tokens that made it to the Ethfinex NEC community vote. The three highest voted projects will then be listed on Ethfinex exchange. 

A Large Dispute Appears

We've seen four badge challenges so far with a huge amount of input from the community in providing the evidence for their claims.

Here we can see the current status of the Spendcoin dispute. A large amount of evidence from both sides has been uploaded and the crowdfunding appeal is nearly over. 

The largest of these disputes so far has been Spendcoin. Initially challenged by the community for not meeting the Ethfinex Criteria, it is now in the first appeal phase. Jurors voted against granting the badge with Spendcoin paying the appeal fee on their side and the community crowdfunding in full swing.

This case alone currently has around 50 ETH locked in along with 400k PNK. There will be a full article detailing the whole challenge in due course.

Key Statistics

Numbers correct as of 29/03/2019

Submissions to Token Curated List = 52

Ethfinex Badges Applied For = 20

Challenged Badges = 5

Unique Jurors = 40

Total deposited through the Dapp = 574.25 ETH

Total PNK Staked = 10 Million

Total USD Value = ~$138,000 (Approx combined amount staked or deposited in ETH & PNK)

Check It Out For Yourself

We encourage you to get involved by reading through the short guide below.

For a more detailed deep dive see the link below.

The Kleros Book - Free Download

In other news, have you read our book Dispute Revolution? A handbook on decentralized justice  available as a Free Download in all your favourite formats.

Come rain or shine, Dispute Revolution in digital format can't be bad. 

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