Research Visit Report: Jamilya Kamalova Goes to Hong Kong

Jamilya Kamalova, Kleros' research associate visited Hong Kong University to spread our gospel. Read on to see what her findings were!

Research Visit Report: Jamilya Kamalova Goes to Hong Kong

Late last year, our resident researcher, Jamilya Kamalova spent four weeks in bustling Hong Kong, one of the global capitals of bleeding edge technology on a visit conducting research, as well as fostering collaboration with colleagues at HKU. Upon arrival in Hong Kong, Jamilya connected with Douglas Arner, a Kerry Holdings Professor in Law at the HKU who invited her to join his research team during her stay. This mutual link proved to be immensely fruitful, opening the gates wide for Jamilya to present Kleros among a sophisticated and influential audience.

This is a short rundown of her time in Hong Kong and the results of her visit.

Upon her introduction to Common Core, Jamilya was invited to participate in a panel titled Web3: Transforming Business, Justice and Art, consisting of an expert panel in the form of Dr. Daniel C. Burnett (Executive Director, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) and Dr. Tom McDonald (Associate Professor, HKU).

At the panel, Jamilya focused her presentation on Kleros Curate, as well as sharing insights from her ongoing research on blockchain governance to a high level audience.

Jamilya's presentation at the HKU's Common Core.

Just a short few days later, Jamilya appeared at the Reg/Tech Lab, HKU FinTech Research panel “Shaping the Future: Technology and Governance to Address Emerging Challenges” during the 8th Annual HKU FinTech Day.

Moderated by Dr. Giuliano G. Castellano, Deputy Director of the Asian Institute of International Financial Law, HKU, the panel focused on the complex relationships between regulation and technology in the context of fintech. Jamilya’s focus during this panel was to share insights based on her research and work with the Kleros Cooperative.

Jamilya during her research panel at the 8th Annual HKU FinTech Day. A recording of the entire panel can be found here.

For the duration of Jamilya’s stay in Hong Kong, she participated in ETH HK, as well as the rest of the FinTechWeek HK, attending panels, discussions and networking sessions, collecting a trove of valuable information regarding latest developments in Ethereum, financial technology, regulation and compliance, while also taking the opportunity to advocate for and discuss Kleros.

This research visit played an important role in advancing global knowledge sharing on decentralized dispute resolution and addressing regulatory dimensions of the crypto world. It not only strengthened connections with Hong Kong University (HKU), serving as a crucial platform for disseminating research findings and exploring collaborations but also played a significant role in introducing Kleros to the Hong Kong market.

The visit contributed to the broader mission of reinforcing research relationships, fostering cross-cultural academic partnerships, and establishing the groundwork for collaborative initiatives on decentralised dispute resolution that extend beyond geographical boundaries.