My Journey as a Solidity Developer & Auditor at Kleros

Shebin John tells the tale of his journey working as a part of the Kleros development team.

My Journey as a Solidity Developer & Auditor at Kleros
I had just finished my Scholarship Course from Consensys on Ethereum Developer Bootcamp (Online Version), then I saw a vacancy at Kleros…

Kleros posted a job profile for a Solidity Developer and Auditor position, which mainly asked for an auditor and had a challenge to be solved. As I was interested in breaking and seeing how things work since childhood, I tried their challenge. Luckily enough, I was able to hack eight out of the ten contracts that were in the challenge.

Soon enough, I got a response from Clément (CTO, Kleros) regarding the answer, and he checked all of my eight hacks, asked about the other two, and gave me some hints.

Soon after, I solved the other two and had an interview with Clément, and voila, I was part of Kleros!

Though I had been into Crypto for quite a long time, I hadn’t worked in a blockchain company/startup in the development section. So, this was my first experience with that.

The Beginning...

My first week was to get familiarized with the code style, methodology, and other reading material, which have helped me during my time at Kleros.

Since the second week, I have been working full time on Kleros, mostly going through the Kleros Smart Contract Library and finding bugs, errors, typos, etc.

We all meet twice through our weekly development and team meetings, even though we have a completely remote team. And almost every day through Slack.

Talking about the team, we can see many great people who are excellent in their field and are ready to wear multiple hats, as we can see in the startup culture.

I have pestered many team members, but they have always helped me: either by helping me get the answer or better, on how I could find it.

The guys whom I have disturbed the most would be Clément and Danil. Both of them are awesome in their tech skills.

The Middle...

During my time in Kleros, I have worked on mainly audits and some development. Some of them are the following:

  • Kleros Liquid Audit
  • MiniMe Token Audit
  • Kleros RNG Audit
  • Developed Blockhash RNG Fallback Range Smart Contract
  • ERC792 Arbitration Smart Contract Audit
  • Sortition Sum Tree Factory Audit
  • Kleros Governor Audit
  • Kleros GTCR Audit
  • Gnosis Conditional Token Audit
  • Fixed Product Market Maker Audit
  • Omen Smart Contract Audit
  • Kleros Escrow Audit (ETH & Token Version)
  • Developed Kleros Escrow Fee Recipient Smart Contract (ETH & Token Version)
  • Linguo Audit (ETH & Token Version)
  • Realitio Audit
  • Dispute Resolver Audit
  • Arbitrable Directory Audit
  • Developed (Omen Pool Liquidity Dashboard)
  • Developed Omen Script to calculate Reward for Omen Market Creators based on Liquidity
  • Proof Of Humanity Audit
  • Arbitrable Proxy Audit

And so on…

During my time in Kleros I have learned a lot: not just about Solidity, but also about other parts of the development and how overall, an efficient startup works. In Kleros, we have a dedicated team for every aspect (almost ;), we are still hiring, check out the postings!) and you can reach the team at any time, and at least one of us would be online 24x7 to reply to you, due to our worldwide team ;)

The End...

As my 6-month contract expires at Kleros, I would like to thank each and every member of the team, you guys are the best! Keep innovating and capture the entire dispute resolution market in the upcoming decentralized world!

Namaste! :D

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