First of all, a very Happy New Year to you all!

We're proud to have such a high quality community supporting the Kleros team and we hope to continue the good work into 2019 and beyond!

2018 has been quite the ride for all those aboard the crypto yacht. (Clearly, we're all on yachts). From euphoric highs circa January to euphoric lows right about now. It doesn't really matter what the price is, we've been pushing through regardless.

A year ago we were still in our infancy as a project. No Dapps, no token sale and only some beautiful articles detailing our plight to go by. Fast forward till today, and the progress is evident.

A burgeoning and highly skilled team, a succesful Dapp on mainnet, Thomson Reuters incubation and a strong reputation as a high quality project.

For a comprehensive look back at all we did in 2018, these three community update posts will fill you in: one, two and three.

A Sneak Peak at 2019

Kleros has been growing rapidly as a dispute resolution protocol, and 2019 will be the year in which multiple Dapps hit mainnet. These will provide truly decentralized mechanisms to create Token Curated Lists, arbitration backed Escrow and version 2.0 of our protocol, aptly named Athena.

Token Curated List Dapp

Below you can see an up-to-date draft of our Token Curated List Dapp. It will start as a way to organize crypto tokens in a decentralized way. But it can fulfill many other functions such as moderating content in social media, e-commerce and fighting content plagiarism.

Here we can see the listing process for projects looking to be verified on our curated list. 
Is the item compliant with the listing process? A use case of Kleros curated list in a decentralized e-commerce platform. 
Kleros as a solution to plagiarism reports in a decentralized video platform. 
Kleros as a tool for content moderation on decentralized social media platforms.


Not content with just one Dapp, we'll very soon release our Escrow platform allowing users to both buy and sell goods, services or crypto transactions backed with full decentralized dispute resolution.

Need to setup a new trustless (yet arbitration backed) transaction? Our Escrow Dapp will help you.
E-commerce transaction showing seller sent the product. 
Product received and buyer satisfied. 
Had the transaction gone another way and the buyer (or seller) was not satisfied, they can then raise a dispute as shown above. This will be passed on to our jurors as seen in the next section. 

Athena - Kleros Version 2.0

The Kleros Juror front has served us well taking care of disputes in our Doges on Trial Dapp. It's time to upgrade and expand the front and we have recent UX drafts below to show you.

Juror front homepage. Beautifully designed by our UX master, Plinio. 
This will also include subcourts!
A look at the open cases dialogue. 

And If That Wasn't Enough...

We'll also have a brand new website, more live integrations with partners and a whole host of events to both present at and attend with the Ethereum community.

Look out for in-depth articles on all the above in the next few weeks and months.

All the best for 2019!

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