Join the Kleros Juror Incentive Program!

The Kleros Cooperative is launching an incentive program targeted at all staked users in the Kleros Court.

Join the Kleros Juror Incentive Program!

The Kleros Cooperative  Juror Incentive Program is under way, to last until December 31, 2021.

In the Kleros system, there is now around 84,040,400 PNK staked. This number reflects strength of the Kleros ecosystem in absolute numbers and relative to liquidity. However, our aim is to increase and strengthen our juror base, as with new integrations there will be a strong influx of new cases to judge.

Another important element to this strategy is to start rewarding jurors staked in lower frequency courts, such as the General Court, since they provide immense value to the system. It is for these reasons the Kleros Cooperative decided to create an incentive program for all jurors to reward them on a rolling basis in proportion to their staked PNK.

The Program

The way it’s going to work, starting from today is this - for the duration of 2021, all staked users will receive a total of 1m PNK each month in proportion to the time and amount of PNK staked in each month.

Additionally, all addresses which staked PNK before December 1, 2020 will receive 1000 PNK in a retroactive distribution, giving a small boost to all low staked jurors who demonstrated their interest in participating in the Court.

Individual shares received by users are expected to be reduced slightly as more users stake. On the other hand, this program is set to improve the overall user experience of jurors who stake small amounts of PNK, removing the negative feeling of ‘staking for nothing’.

How to collect your PNK

The process of collecting your PNK is simple - navigate to The Court and on the Juror Dashboard you will find a nice wrapped gift that should look like this.

Click on 'Claim PNK'. If you're eligible for a reward, simply click on 'Claim' and receive your PNK in your wallet!

(Note that the PNK tokens claimed will not be automatically staked afterwards. If you want to stake them, you will have to do it yourself).

Someone got his already got their PNK, go get yours!

So, no time to waste - go get your PNK and see you in court!

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