Testimonials from the Kleros Fellowship of Justice

Testimonials from the Kleros Fellowship of Justice

Since 2018, the Kleros Fellowship of Justice has produced cutting edge work about decentralized justice. Watch some testimonials from our Fellows...

Luis Bergolla

Originary from Venezuela, Luis was part of the first cohort of the Kleros Fellowship as he was doing his PhD at the Stanford Law School.

As a result of his Fellowship research, he published the paper "Kleros: A Socio-Legal Case Study Of Decentralized Justice & Blockchain Arbitration" co-authored with Karen Seif (University of California, Berkeley - School of Law) and Can Eken (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law) at the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution, the official law journal of the American Bar Association’s Section on Dispute Resolution.

Jake Lowther

A member of the third batch of the Fellowship, Australian international arbitrator Jake worked on the Kleros dispute resolution procedure in the context of  recognition and enforcement of under the New York Convention.

His work was focused in a geographic region experiencing large amounts of foreign direct investment and strong growth in the use of arbitration and ADR services, namely the Asia-Pacific.

Read Jake's Fellowship report here.

José Torres

A lawyer from Colombia and an expert in legal design & innovation, José has been a fellow at Stanford's Legal Design Lab, worked with the Public Policy Team for the Andean Region at Facebook, at the international arbitration group of Skadden Arps in London and a Legal Officer at the World Trade Organization. He is currently a partner at the law firm Lexia in Colombia.

During his work in the Fellowship, José has worked in the development of tools for legal design in the context of decentralized justice. Notably, in the context of the National Judicial College of the Dominican Republic. To learn more, click here.

Mauricio Duarte

Mauricio is an attorney and notary graduated with honors from Universidad Francisco Marroquín. Before obtaining his LL.M. in US Law at the University of St. Thomas (Minesotta), he worked at one of Guatemala's most prestigious law firms, QIL + 4 Abogados, where he specialized in energy infrastructure investment, corporate governance, international investment, and commercial arbitrations.

During his time in the Fellowship, Mauricio researched the application of Kleros in the renewable energy industry, in particular disputes revolving around the distribution and trading of produced surplus energy.

Read Mauricio's Fellowship report here.

Alexei Gudkov

Alexei earned his Ph.D. in law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain). He is a researcher at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow) and an industry fellow of University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies. His current research focus is in tech law, blockchain, artificial intelligence, fiduciary relationships, data privacy and the ethics of technology regulation.

During the Fellowship, Alexei researched the link between blockchain distributed arbitration and artificial intelligence. In particular, the pros and cons of Kleros vs. AI methods for dispute resolution, and how AI could be used for enhancing Kleros.

Read Alexei's report here.

Abeer Sharma

Abeer is an alumnus of Queen Mary University of London and the University of Delhi. Admitted to the bar in India, he practises litigation and international dispute resolution, with professional experience in four jurisdictions. He has recently been awarded the Presidential Ph.D. Scholarship by Hong Kong University.

During the Fellowship, Abeer researched the use of Kleros in long term contracts, especially in the context of the oil & gas industry.

Read Abeer's work here.

Paolo Archila

Paolo is an attorney and notary public graduate from Universidad de San Carlos School of Law (Guatemala) and works in commercial arbitration, trademarks, copyright and patent law cases. In his Fellowship work, he explored how Kleros can be used in the context of the "notice and takedown" mechanism.

Read Paolo's Fellowship report here.

Tian Zhao

Tian holds a bachelor degree in Systems Engineering at the University of Toronto and is passionate about Industry 4.0 technologies. During his participation in the Fellowship, Tian developed a legal design research to increase the user friendliness of the Kleros Court.

Check Tian's Fellowship work here.

Esthefania Vargas

Esthefania is a Colombian Attorney currently doing her LLM in International Dispute Resolution at Humboldt University (Berlin). She has worked at private and public companies as well as law firms focusing on investment and commercial arbitration, ADR mechanisms and legal technology. During her time in the Fellowship, Esthefania researched the potential of Kleros for enabling access to justice in Colombia.

Check Esthefania's report here.

Agustina Pérez Comenale

Agustina is an attorney and notary graduated from the University of Montevideo. She obtained a postgraduate degree in Notarial Updating Law and a LLM also from the University of Montevideo. She co-directs the notarial and real estate services of the Firm Olivera Abogados in Uruguay (Terralex member). During her participation in the Fellowship, she conducted research on legal smart contracts.

Check Agustina's Fellowship report here.

Diana Santana

Diana is a Mexican attorney graduated from Universidad Panamericana. She also holds an LLM in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution at Queen Mary's University of London. She has experience in different arbitration institutions such as the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB International), the Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC/BIAC), and the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC).

During her participation in the Fellowship, she researched applications of decentralized justice in the context of international arbitration.

Read Diana's Fellowship report here.

Dmitry Narozhny

Dmitry is a lawyer based in Russia, specializing in commercial court litigation, civil and corporate law, and bankruptcy. He is Member of the Russian Advocate Board. As the first graduate of the Kleros Fellowship, he studied the compliance of Kleros approach in the context of arbitration framework from The New York Convention.

Check Dmitry's Fellowship report here.

Elliot Talbert-Goldstein

Elliot has an MA in conflict resolution and mediation, is part of the Bosserman Center for Conflict Resolution at Salisbury University, and teaches mediation in the International Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation at Tel Aviv University.

During his participation in the Fellowship, Elliot studied the use of Kleros in the context of supply-chain management. In particular, for improving the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data for the certification for food growers, processors, sellers, and, ultimately, consumers.

Read Elliot's report here.

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