Kleros Scout - Community Curated Security Metadata

Kleros Scout - Community Curated Security Metadata
The latest iteration of our community curated security metadata platform Kleros Scout is out!

Kleros is proud to announce the launch of Kleros Scout, the latest iteration of the Curate front end, flexing a clean UX, focus on the 3x security metadata registries and the ability to survive a nuclear assault.

Head to https://klerosscout.eth.limo!

The current working frontend to make submissions and other workflows related to the Kleros TCRs are via this website. We've identified and heard from the community a handful of issues with the usability of the same, and have been working on a new frontend over the last few weeks.

We're excited to let you know that you can now submit, challenge and browse info related to the 3 security metadata registries on the Kleros Scout interface at https://klerosscout.eth.limo/.

What is Kleros Scout?

In case you're new to Curate and wondering what Scout is – it is a security metadata product by Kleros powered by trustless, community driven curation. The three registries forming the backbone of Kleros Scout can be encapsulated as such:

  • Tokens Registry: the community-curated list of whitelisted and safe tokens that users could interact with confidently, minimizing the risk of malicious or insecure tokens.
  • Address Tags Registry (a.k.a. ATR): this registry enables users to identify the trustworthiness of addresses, mitigating the potential risks associated with interacting with unknown or suspicious addresses.
  • Contract Domain Name Registry (a.k.a. the CDN Registry): this registry serves a critical role in preventing front-end DNS attacks. It facilitates the mapping of contracts to the domains they are known to be associated with, ensuring users are interacting with the correct contract associated with a particular domain.

Vetted submissions to the registries contributing to Kleros Scout allows users to discover which tokens are safe, which addresses might be suspicious and which contracts are related to which domain addresses. You can consume these insights about the contracts and tokens you interact with by installing our Kleros Scout Snap on MetaMask, by visiting Etherscan, by using the Kleros Tokens list on Uniswap and more!

Quality of life improvements on the new Kleros Scout interface

  • Clear sections for users and builders
  • Straightforwards CTAs for both sets of users
  • Clarification on how curation on Kleros works for those who are new to Kleros / blockchain
  • Easy integration CTAs for builders/projects who can directly consume the data from the subgraph
  • Clean UX and a reliable experience across search, browsing, submission and challenge flows.
  • Faster load speeds.
  • View items without connecting your wallet. (about time, right?)
  • Highlight on rewards & incentives.

We have a lot of improvements in the pipeline, so stay tuned and also share your feedback on the same here

Introducing: off-chain suggestions!

We understand that not everyone who might want to contribute to the registries will have the necessary deposit amount to be able to make submissions. To encourage contribution from such community members who are unable able to put up a deposit for every submission, we're now adding the option to 'suggest an entry' where users can suggest contract insights via these google forms:

The sheet containing all the suggestions will be shared with the community and anyone can use this as a hitlist to make submissions on-chain with a deposit. Upon checking the error rate in the suggestions made, we might consider rewarding off-chain submissions as well!

The great thing about this is that you can be rewarded for every valid submission to the Curate registries, while helping bolster the first truly decentralized contract insight implementation on this novel platform.

Helping others in the ecosystem while at the same time having proper incentives to do so.

Sounds good? Go start submitting to the registries!