Kleros Moderate: Decentralized Content Moderation for Web3 Communities

Kleros Moderate: Decentralized Content Moderation for Web3 Communities

A new product by Kleros for helping build healthier communities...

These days, we spend a great deal of our time in online communities. The rules of engagement in these communities have a big impact on what we can and cannot say online.

Moderating online communities is challenging. Administrators are constantly torn between reducing abuse and toxicity versus guaranteeing free speech for all participants.

We believe that Kleros can play an important role in providing fair and transparent content moderation for a world of decentralized social media.

We are greatly interested in new developments such as Lens Protocol and envision an important role for Kleros in Web3 social platforms. However, as this transition occurs, most communities are still interacting on Web2 applications such as Telegram and Discord.

So we wondered: how can Kleros help moderate content in the current social media ecosystem?

Enter Kleros Moderate.

The storming of the Capitol and the banning of Donald Trump from Twitter triggered a debate on the role of big tech on free speech online. This talk by Federico Ast at ETHCC 2021 addresses such challenges.

Kleros Moderate

The Kleros Moderate service uses a Telegram bot to provide Kleros dispute resolution to Telegram communities. The architecture is based on the battle tested Reality.eth X Kleros integration and uses solid cryptoeconomics for fair and transparent moderation.

Let's see how it works…

A user is reported for violating the code of conduct of the group. A minimum deposit has to be made to support the ban in the Reality.eth platform.
If any party thinks the ban is not warranted by the group rules, they can double the bond to unban the member.
If requested, arbitration can be raised and a dispute will be created in Kleros.
Users can add evidence directly from the group with the command /addevidence, which preserves a copy of chat messages on IPFS, preventing anyone from deleting evidence.
When the case concludes, the ruling is final, and the member is either banned, or has their reputation cleared.

Get Started!

The vision for the product is that any Telegram group owner can just plug and play the bot into their group and benefit from Kleros backed content moderation.

For now, we will be rolling out Moderate in select partners in order to test the system and fine tune the parameters.

If you’d like to be one of the first to test Moderate in your community:

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Check this presentation to learn more about Kleros Moderate!