The Kleros Fellowship of Justice Welcomes Its' 5th Batch

The Kleros Fellowship of Justice Welcomes Its' 5th Batch

Meet our new Fellows building the future of decentralized justice!

Since its' inception in 2018, the Kleros Fellowship of Justice has welcomed incredible minds - from prestigious attorneys and arbitrators to professors, students and entrepreneurs with the shared goal of delivering novel tools for the use of Kleros.

We are happy to welcome a new cohort of experts researching applications of Kleros in fields as diverse as intellectual property for NFTs, decentralized identity, venture capital and more.

Without further ado, let's meet our new Fellows advancing the decentralized justice movement!

Milad Mohammadi

Milad Mohammadi holds a B.A. from New York University and is a technology consultant focused on the communications, media, and technology sectors at a Fortune 500 firm. Before his current role, he worked at one of the most preeminent global law firms specializing in venture capital.

During the Fellowship, Milad will research the application of decentralized justice to improve trust and lower barriers to entry for startups and DAOs looking to raise venture capital. Milad is particularly interested in a more transparent and accessible venture finance system that can be fostered with Kleros.

Milad Mohammadi.

Jun Hong Tang

Jun Hong is an arbitration lawyer currently pursuing his LL.M. at Stanford Law School. Prior to that, he was an Associate with WilmerHale in London, where he worked on international commercial arbitration matters. He was previously a Justices’ Law Clerk at the Singapore Supreme Court and an Associate at WongPartnership LLP, one of Singapore’s largest law firms.

As a Kleros Fellow, Jun Hong will conduct research on issues arising from the application of the Kleros protocol to disputes involving NFTs. In particular, he will address the benefits of using blockchain arbitration, potential procedural adaptations, as well as the recognition and enforcement of blockchain awards.

Jun Hong Tan.

Samuel Ngwu

Samuel Ngwu is a technology lawyer from Nigeria with particular interest in data protection and the digital economy. He graduated with honours from the University of Ibadan and Nigerian Law School. After his law studies, he worked at commercial law firm LeLaw Barristers and Solicitors. He currently works at NDPR Consultant, a data protection consulting firm in Nigeria.

During his time in the Fellowship, Samuel will research the interactions between Kleros and Nigerian law courts in the context of dispute resolution for NFTs.

Samuel Ngwu.

Alejandro Llera Ferri

Alejandro Llera Ferri is an attorney graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires. After gaining broad experience working alongside a renowned mediator, he oriented his career towards corporate compliance, investigating the legal status of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He works at Settle Network, the largest digital assets settlement network in Latin America for exchange and cross-border payments.

During his time in the Fellowship, Alejandro will investigate the dilemmas NFTs marketplaces face when delisting an NFT collection and how Kleros can solve that problem by providing proper, accurate, and decentralized curation.

Alejandro Llera Ferri.

Nicole Vergez

Nicole Vergez is an attorney at law graduated from the Universidad de Belgrano (Buenos Aires) with an academic excellence award from the Argentinian Bar Association. She has had different job experiences in relation to legal advice and assistance both in the public and private sector and is currently working at the oil & gas industry contributing to compliance controls for contracting and procurement.

During her participation in the Fellowship, her goal will be to demonstrate how a decentralized arbitration service such as Kleros can contribute to dispute resolution in NFT markets.

Nicole Vergez.

Buki Ogunsakin

Buki Ogunsakin is a technology lawyer from Lagos, Nigeria with specialization in emerging technologies, data protection and cybersecurity. In addition to her legal studies, she also obtained an Msc. degree in Project Management from Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. She is currently the Principal and Head Satoshi at BBO Solicitors and is a Certified NFT Expert from the Blockchain Council.

During her time in the Fellowship, Buki will analyze the use of Kleros in disputes cutting across different use cases of NFTs.

Buki Ogunsakin.