Announcing the renewed Kleros Snapshot Module - the leading Optimistic Governance solution

Interested in having direct on-chain execution straight from Snapshot? Kleros has got the thing for you, optimistic governance in one neat tool.

Announcing the renewed Kleros Snapshot Module - the leading Optimistic Governance solution

We're thrilled to unveil the Kleros Snapshot Module for DAOs using Snapshot, in honor of the Gnosis Zodiac toolkit's two-year anniversary. This enhanced and refined module is specifically designed for DAOs that utilize Snapshot, seamlessly integrating with the Gnosis Zodiac Reality module.

Curious why DAOs like 1Inch, Panther Protocol and many others trust Kleros to secure their optimistic governance processes? Keep reading to find out!

Understanding Optimistic Governance in Web3 DAOs:

While the promise of decentralization is appealing, the practical challenges are numerous and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have always had to choose a pragmatic level of decentralization for their stage of development and growth. Security vulnerabilities, the prohibitive gas costs of on-chain voting, the potential for slower consensus-building due to the sheer number of participants, and the complexities of managing decentralized protocols all complicate efforts to decentralize the governance of a DAO.

Optimistic governance is a streamlined approach to decision-making in DAOs. Instead of every member casting their vote on-chain, which can be both costly and time-consuming, optimistic governance allows for decisions to be made off-chain. On-chain executions are then proposed to a contract with a bond, which will assume that the transaction is correct unless challenged within a certain period of time (hence the term 'optimistic'). This method reduces costs and accelerates processes while maintaining the security of the on-chain execution of collective decisions made off-chain.

The Kleros Snapshot Module for Zodiac is the latest advancement in this domain. Building on the foundation of the previous SafeSnap module within the Gnosis Zodiac range of tools, this renewed version offers a more refined optimistic governance experience. It's been designed to work seamlessly with Snapshot, the foremost platform for off-chain DAO voting.

Summary of Config Steps:

  1. From your Gnosis Safe, go to Apps -> Zodiac.

2. Within the Zodiac menu, Click on the Kleros Snapshot Module.

3. For a basic setup, fill in your Snapshot space's ENS domain, and go with the default configurations.

4. For additional monitoring, toggle 'Configure Monitoring' and fill in the credentials that you'd like to link to this instance of the Kleros Snapshot Module.

5. Once done, click on "Add Module" and the module will be created on-chain, with your Gnosis Safe as the governor!

That's it! This module's contract address can now be assigned as the governor address for any contract that you would like to govern with a fully permissionless and trustless governance process. Going forward, transactions can be proposed to this module contract, and executed by anyone if it is not challenged.

With this, the execution of off-chain Snapshot votes as on-chain transactions become fully permissionless and trustless, doing away with the need for DAO multisignature signers or centralized admin addresses.

For a comprehensive guide and answers to potential questions, please refer to check out our detailed documentation over here or reach out to us in our Community Chat.